Saturday, August 30, 2008

Maintaining my tank water at 25°C

It is pretty difficult to maintain the tank water at around 25°C as Singapore is pretty hot throughout the year. Therefore some aquascapers in Singapore use chiller to cool their tank water.

I uses the Hailea HC-130 chiller to cool my tank water. This China-made chiller is pretty reasonable priced and it is 1/3 the price of the European made chillers. I am rather satisfied with the performance except it is slightly noisier than the European made ones.

My tank filter, Eheim Ecco 2234

The Eheim Ecco 2234 helps in keeping the water condition in my tank. This filter has 3 individual compartments to store various types of filter media. This filter is small, reliable and the power consumption is only 5W. It has a filter output of 500 liters/ hour. I have inserted the following filter media for mechanical and biological filtration: -

Layer 1 (Top) = ADA Palm Net
Layer 2 = Eheim Substrate Pro
Layer 3 (Bottom) = Eheim Coarse Filter Foam Pad (Blue)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ADA cube garden 45-P

I am using this high clarity German made tank for my aquascaping. This 45 x 27 x 30cm ADA cube garden is made of 4mm high quality glass and sealed with high tech silicone. There is no better tank to view the brilliance of our planted aquariums

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Aquascaping world magazine interview

I feel honored that Aquscaping world magazine have selected to feature Sunny Grassland in their August 2008 issue. Inside the interview, I shared my personal experience about Singapore aquascaping and how to create various background effects using colored posters. Aquascapers can see how simple it is to create different effects such as sunrise & blue sky effect.

Read more about Sunny Grassland here.