Sunday, December 7, 2008

Using colored posters as lighted aquarium background

I promised to share the details of this technique during my previous post but didnt manage to do it as I am too busy. There are generally 2 methods to create a background. One is to use a permanent background. Most people use a type of sticky colored waterproof film. The film is then permanently adhered to the back of the tank. This method doesnt enable the flexibility of changing the color of the background and there is no way to illuminate this background.

I chose method 2 which uses colored paper for background. These papers can be removed, replaced and changed anytime according to the effects and needs. The paper can be placed about 4 - 6" from the back of the tank. A fluorescent tube can also be added at the top of the tank, in between the tank and the colored paper to illuminate the background. An additional fluorescent tube can be placed at the bottom of the tank in between the tank and the colored paper if the background illumination is not uniform.

Diagram of setupAn orange background to create a sunrise effect.A blue background to create a blue sky
A white background to create a clear skyThese changes can be made within minutes and you can see the different effects almost immediately. The colored posters can be purchase from any stationary shops and there are a wide range of colors and tones to choose from.

Try it and let me know if you have any other recommendations to improve the setup.

AGA contest 2008

Competition tank for AGA aquacaping 2008. Last contest before it is being tore down. Adios my tank!

"Sunnygrassland" - AGA aquascaping 2008

Looking for inspiration!!!!

I tore down "Sunny grassland" in Nov. I cant bear to tear down the aquascape I did but I need the tank for my 2009 IAPLC so I guess I have no choice till I have a new tank. That is the end of my 2008 aquascape after it is rank #228 in the IAPLC and it got featured in the aquascaping world magazine.

I plan to start my new scape latest by Dec. Struggle for 1-2 months without good ideas and I didnt know what exactly I wanted to do. Got some idea in Nov but due to my hectic schedule, didnt really have a chance to do it.

I have been busy for the past weeks as I went for two family trips to Batam and Phuket. Both places are nice and has a lot of nature landscapes especially Phuket where there are beautiful and clear seas, lots of mountains and interesting places. I need to thank Sam for bringing us to many nice & interesting places in Phuket.
These inspiration will be great for my tank aquascaping but it is too late to implement them for 2009. These new inspiration will probably help me in the 2010 IAPLC.

I am going to embark on my new scape for the 2009 IAPLC. Initially, I have 2 concepts but I didnt manage to get materials for one of the concepts so I guess I have no choice but to eliminate it.

I did a preliminary layout yesterday in my tank and I am ready to start. I spend a few hours cleaning up my filtration system, chillers and pipings. I also manage to tied my driftwood with plants. I still lack 1-2 plants but I guess I am going to go ahead with my aquascape 1st before I make minor additions later.

I will be setting up my tank tomorrow. I promise Rastaman that I will do a journal and step by step layout to share with everyone. Stay tune!