Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mystifying Islands

After much struggling with my hardscape, I manage to put together Mystifying Islands 3 months before IAPLC 09. I hope this scape will mature by mid April.


1) Tank Size: 45cm x 27cm x 30cm

2) Tank Vol: 50l

3) Lighting: 2 x 36W PL

4) Lighting duration: 4 hrs on 4 hrs off 4 hrs on

5) Substrate: Aqua Soil Amazonia II

6) CO2: Pressurized CO2 with ceramic diffuser at 2 bubbles per second

7) Fertilisation: Brighty K, Step 1, Green Gain, ECA

8) Hardscape: Red Moorwood, Kurokinryu stones

9) Plants: E. Vivaparis, Taxiphyllum alternans, Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba"anubias nana "petite"

10) Fish: Nil

1 comment:

mascherani said...

what's the main advantage to use that kind of "lighting duration" (4 hrs on 4 hrs off 4 hrs on)?

thks, mate.