Monday, September 1, 2008

ADA power sand special s

Power sand special comprises of porous volcanic stones to ensure proper water circulation and organic materials including fertile peat to provide rich nutrients to aquatic plant roots. It provides an ideal conditions for bacterial activity and development of plant roots.

This sand provides lots of nutrients to plants such as Echinodorus or Cryptocoryne specieswhich tends to absorb nutrients through root their systems and depends largely on the amount of nutrients within the substrate. Unlike regular Power Sand, the Power Sand SPECIAL provides more minerals and nutrients to the substrate and it also contains Bacter 100 and Clear Super.

I used ADA power sand special s under my ADA Amazonia II and I experience my E. Tenellus spreading and growing very fast. I tried to keep them low & small by supplying high lights but is unsuccessful. I wonder whether it could be due to my over fertile substrate.


Rastaman said...

Main purpose of Power Sand is for inhabitation a large number of microorganisms. For your too fast growth of plants is responsible AS Amazonia. I have same experience with growing E.tennelus in Amazonia... My E.tennelus was became more then 15cm tall even with 150W MH lighting 30cm above 90cm tank.
Till in another tank, in almost inert substrate, with moderate light remain on about 7-8cm.
Take a look this article:
Online AQUA JOURNAL vol.1 [Aqua Soil Series]

wasim said...

hiiiiiiiiiii william i want to buy this sand, but wer i will get in india, coz im from india, i have 10feet tank,