Monday, September 8, 2008

Getting nice rocks in Singapore

I always have the impression that getting nice rocks for Iwagumi in Singapore is a pain as there are not enough nice rocks around. I am one of those who keep blaming lousy and insufficient rocks supply.

After talking to a few aquascapers, I realized a lot of people are facing the same problem. Some of my friends in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia or even Croatia told me about their difficulties. The following are some ways to acquire nice rocks in Singapore: -

1) Buy a lot of rocks (20-30kg) and choose the best from the batch.

2) Buy nice rocks or rocks with great features as soon as you see it. Keep it and when you have enough or those, bring them out to do your Iwagumi

3) Pick from river banks or hills

4) Shipped from overseas. Maybe in countries where there are surplus rocks

5) Buy from nurseries. One of my friend told me people in landscapes use a lot of Seriyu stones. I cannot confirm this. Personally I have not seen them

Anyone have any good suggestions about acquiring nice rocks? Post your comments here

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